These 2 pieces here are my entries to Sour Sally Indonesia – Brosurku contest
( here’s the link: ). The contest main theme was “Sally & Gadget”, lately they said that Indonesia’s the sub-theme. Well, I didn’t win the contest, but I’m gonna share step by step from the making of these artworks
( I’ll share it in words for this time because I didn’t save the WIP, my apologies -_- ).

1. Find out the contest details, rules, how to submit and of course the prizes ;P

2. Think about the theme, create a concept, and imagine the picture.
For this one, the main focus’s Sally ( of course ) and the cool gadgets as tools. The characteristic of this yoghurt brand was sketched design so yea I’ll draw ‘em in pencil sketches (saving some time, eh?). I decided to make Sally in semi-relistic mode because I got bored with the original style ( almost all the contestant used that style ).

3. Start with manual sketch
Pencil sketch is the basic of everything and I loveeeee making sketch in traditional way. Used some references of the original character and the elements of design. Didn’t forget to make a clean line

4. Finish it digitally
Scanned, colored and edited it, I used Adobe Photoshop. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to make 2 versions of it.

And, here goes the finished versions:


what do you think? which version do you like?
c & c are very welcome :D


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