On Friday, October 21st, 2011 I was attending Retrotopia, a fashion event from ARVA School of Fashion which contained costume parade, graduation show, junior fashion designer competition, dressmaker’s project and corset dress project. I was there as my office representative (one of the supporting brands), got a quite nice VIP seat and can shoot some nice pic of their fabulous dress.

Of course fashion design is not one of my skill or job list (maybe not yet), but I enjoy to watch some fashion parade & get some inspirations from ‘em. Here are some nice one to share:



So, what is the inspiration that I got from this event? The first one that popped out in my mind was: I was inspired to get a slimmer body like the models, tee-hee :P

Please do not steal the design idea, respect the owner.
Also, do not steal the image & use it without my permission, please respect me.
I believe you can be more creative than us.

Thank you :)


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